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Devarim/Deuteronomy 18:15
Mashiach would be a Prophet like Moshe
Ma’asei Shlichim/Acts 3:20-23
Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 31:31-34
New covenant with the House of Yisrael and the House of Yehudah
Luke 22:20
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 7:14
Almah (virgin) would be with child and call Him "Immanuel"
Mattithyahu/Matthew 1:18-23
Micha/Micah 5:1
Mashiach would be born in Beit Lechem
Mattithyahu/Matthew 2:1-6
Zecharyah/Zekariah 9:9
Mashiach would come riding on a donkey
Mark 11:1-10
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53
Mashiach would suffer for our sins
Ma’asei Shlichim/Acts 3:13-18
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53
Mashiach would be rejected and sacrificed
Ma’asei Shlichim/Acts 13:27-33
Tehillim/Psalms 16:10
Mashiach would rise from the dead
Ma’asei Shlichim/Acts 17:1-4
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53:3
Mashiach would be despised and rejected
Luke 17:25; 23:18
Zecharyah/Zekariah 13:7
Mashiach would be stricken and the sheep would scatter
Mark 14:27,50
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53:4a
Mashiach would take up our infirmities
Mattithyahu/Matthew 8:17
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 8:14
Mashiach would be a stone men strike against, a rock men stumble over for the two Houses of Israel
I Kefa/Peter 2:8
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53:5
Mashiach would be wounded for our sins
Romans 4:25
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53:5
By Mashiach’s wounds we would be healed
I Kefa/I Peter 2:24
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53:6a
All we like sheep have gone astray
I Kefa/I Peter 2:25
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53:6c
The iniquities (guilt) of all of us laid on Mashiach
Romans 5:6-8
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53:7
Mashiach did not open His mouth
Mark 15:2-5
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53:7,8
Mashiach was led like a lamb to the slaughter
Ma’asei Shlichim/Acts 8:30-35
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 50:6
Mashiach’s back was stricken
Mark 14:65
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53:8,9

Mashiach's grave would be with wicked, with rich in death

Mattithyahu/Matthew 27:31-60
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53:12d

Mashiach would be numbered with transgressors
Mark 15:27,28
Yeshayahu/Isaiah 53:12e

Mashiach would bear the sin of many
Ivrim/Hebrews 9:28
Zecharyah/Zekariah 11:12

Mashiach would be sold for 30 pieces of silver

Mattithyahu/Matthew 26:15
Tehillim/Psalms 22:2a,b

My El, My El, why have You forsaken Me?

Mattithyahu/Matthew 27:46
Tehillim/Psalms 22:7-9

Insults hurled at Mashiach

Mattithyahu/Matthew 27:39,40
Tehillim/Psalms 22:17

Mashiach hands and feet would be pierced (his hands and feet would be mauled)

Yohanan/John 19:18; 20:25
Tehillim/Psalms 34:21

Mashiach's bones would not be broken

Yohanan/John 19:33-36
Tehillim/Psalms 69:22

Mashiach would be given vinegar for thirst

Mattithyahu/Matthew 27:34
Tehillim/Psalms 22:19

Mashiach’s clothes would be cast for lots

Mattithyahu/Matthew 27:35
Tehillim/Psalms 118:22

Mashiach would be the stone the builders rejected

Mattithyahu/Matthew 21:42
Tehillim/Psalms 2:1-2

HaGoyim would plot against Mashiach

Ma’asei Shlichim/Acts 4:25-28
Yeshayahu 53:9c,d
Mashiach would do no injustice nor speak any falsehood
I Kefa/Peter 2:22

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messianic prophecies partial list prepared and compiled by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin