messianic understanding of shavuot

The Ten Commandments were given on Mt. Sinai on Shavuot. Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) also fell on 120 disciples of Yeshua the Messiah on Shavuot (Pentecost). This series explains why we have to honor Shavuot and celebrate it the Messianic way. An excellent tool for those who desire to study the Torah and to be given the gift of tongues.

how to celebrate hanukah

Is Hanukah only for the Jewish people? Discover that the Messiah of Israel celebrated Hanukah! Follow the example of the Maccabees as they fought against Greek culture and worldly secularism. Become a spiritual warrior by learning how to use the Word of Elohim, the best Weapon of Spiritual Warfare. An excellent tool for home and congregational Bible study.

how to celebrate shabbat

Is it a Biblical requirement for  Christians to celebrate Shabbat? YES! But then why do Christians worship on Sunday? Learn about the connection between Christianity and sun worship. Discover HOW and WHEN Shabbat was changed to Sunday. Learn that the Messiah of Israel, our Supreme example and the Absolute authority, kept Shabbat as well as Rav Shaul/Apostle Paul. Find out how to follow the guidelines of Messianic Shabbat observance. A must for every seeker of the truth. An excellent tool for home and congregational Bible study.

how to celebrate 

rosh chodesh

What is Rosh Chodesh? Rosh Chodesh is the beginning of a new month according to the Jewish calendar. Yeshayahu/Isaiah 66:23 commands the celebration of Rosh Chodesh. Unfortunately, this command is neglected and misunderstood by born-again believers. Learn the significance of this holiday and when to keep it. An excellent tool for home and congregational Bible study.

Feasts of elohim of israel

The new Revelation of Ruach HaKodesh wants all His children: Jews and Gentiles to celebrate His Feasts. That is why there is an enormous hunger and thirst to learn about them. You have been fed lies for so long about Christmas, Easter and the rest of the Christian holidays that descend from pagan origins. Come out from pagan Christianity into a true Messianic emunah (faith) and learn about Elohim’s HaMoedim (appointed times).

Practical steps

We strongly recommend that you watch the

programs in the order listed. You can view each program at

your own pace. Go through every Scripture carefully and take notes.

Be sure to watch every program at least five times! Begin with a

brief prayer and ask Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) to open

your eyes of understanding through these teachings.