most important decisions in your life

by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin

​1. Salvation.

2. Choice of your career.

3. Choice of your spouse.

4. Build your family on the Rock of your deliverance - YESHUA.

5. Have the children of promise which is the unity of two believers in Adon Yeshua, two Messianics who love and follow Adon Yeshua with all their hearts.

6. Train your children in the admonition of Elohim of Israel.

7. Have a pure family: spiritually, sexually, emotionally and financially. Have family devotions on a regular basis.

8. Regularly attend and support a Messianic Synagogue.

9. Reach out to others, to a Jew first and then to a Gentile with HaBesorah (Good News) of Adon Yeshua.

10. Walk daily with Adon Yeshua having a daily Shaharit (morning devotion).

11. Have havurah (fellowship) with talmidim (disciples) of Adon Yeshua.

12. Celebrate Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh and all the HaMoedim and invite family and friends to your celebration. Share your testimony and Scriptures with them.

13. Keep a kosher home.

​14. Become a true light to all.

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Living a Messianic Lifestyle

Creating a Messianic Family

11. Building Messianic families and communities

10. Creation of jobs

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” The greatest level of tzedakah (charity) is to support a fellow Jew by finding employment for him, in order to strengthen his hand until he no longer needs to be dependent upon others.” - Maimonides Eight Levels of Charity.

9. Spiritual and formal education.

It includes education from kindergarten to high school. We suggest that you send your children to private Messianic schools.

8. Creating "Shalom bayit" (peace in the house)

7. Accountability is responsibility to each other.

Marriage is a covenant between husband and wife. According to this Biblical covenant they have different responsibilities towards each other. Parents need to protect their children and provide a safe and nurturing environment for them.

6. Communication is an art that has to be mastered.

People do not know how to express themselves. Ineffective communication leads to misunderstandings and unhappiness. Each member of the family has to learn how to talk openly about his hopes, dreams, fears and failures. Communication occurs not only when one talks but when one is listening and thinking as well.

5. Honesty between members of the family is a must.

Complete trust between the husband and wife is founded on transparent honesty. Parents train their children in this honesty by rewarding truth and discouraging lies. This training fosters honest and trusting relationships between siblings that will encourage them all the rest of their lives. Honesty admits when it is wrong and tells others when they are right.

4. Parents must set a good example for their children.

You cannot expect from your child what you do not perform yourself. You cannot expect your children to be honest if you lie. You cannot raise up your children in sexual purity if you are unfaithful to your spouse. You cannot watch dirty movies and expect that your children will not watch internet porn.

2. Respect your father and mother.

A Messianic family abides by the fifth commandment to honor parents. A parent is the first authority in every child’s life. By learning to obey his parents a child learns to submit to authority.

3. Children must submit and follow the rules set by their parents.

The children must learn the definition of ‘yes’ and ‘no’ at an early age. Every parent must sit down with the child and explain why what he did was wrong. In case of persistent disobedience the parents must discipline the child. Master Yeshua’s love is strict discipline on a consistent basis.

1. A strong relationship with Messiah Yeshua is essential.

Emunah (faith) is the guiding force that binds the family together. Without Yeshua it is impossible to build a strong Messianic family. You need His guidance in making right decisions. You need His wisdom in dealing with difficult situations. You need to understand His love and how to properly discipline your children. You need His provision for your family. You need His protection from enemies. Messianic families not only have faith but live a lifestyle of faith in Yeshua. We go to a house of worship together. We discuss our spiritual beliefs. We pray together. We fulfill our destinies because of our steadfast faith in Elohim.

Family values are the moral principles defined by the Bible that a family abides by. Biblical family values help to build a strong family full of love and devotion to one another. The foundation of every family consists of a man and a woman. Children complete the family by fulfilling the command of Elohim to be fruitful and multiply. Family values are the spiritual commandments of the Bible.

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