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From the union between a man and a woman the first mitzvah (commandment) can be fulfilled. And this first mitzvah is Bereshit/Genesis 1:28, “Bear fruit and increase...” The cornerstone of every Messianic family is dignity between each spouse and profound yearning to establish “shalom bayit” (peace within the home).

Berachot 9:1

“A man cannot live without a woman, a woman cannot live without a man, and the two of them cannot live without the presence of God.”

Messianic marriage is characterized by shalom, mutual respect, chesed and nurturing of children. For without children a married couple is not complete.

A Messianic Nation consists of Messianic families. Daily life in Messiah Yeshua and the teaching of our Biblical traditions to our children make up the core of the Messianic family. A Messianic family is central to the building of a Messianic community.

Family integrity