Berachot 9:1

“A man cannot live without a woman, a woman cannot live without a man, and the two of them cannot live without the presence of God.”

Family integrity

A Messianic Nation consists of Messianic families. Daily life in Messiah Yeshua and the teaching of our Biblical traditions to our children make up the core of the Messianic family. A Messianic family is central to the building of a Messianic community.

From the union between a man and a woman the first mitzvah (commandment) can be fulfilled. And this first mitzvah is Bereshit/Genesis 1:28, “Bear fruit and increase...” The cornerstone of every Messianic family is dignity between each spouse and profound yearning to establish “shalom bayit” (peace within the home).

Messianic marriage is characterized by shalom, mutual respect, chesed and nurturing of children. For without children a married couple is not complete.

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