no more jesus christ

Prophetic word given by Karen Sulpizii during Shabbat service

at Messianic Temple Beth El on 7 Kislev 5775 - November 29, 2014

    Many people will be surprised when I do not answer their prayers anymore when they use the name of Jesus. They will be shocked because I have answered so many times because of My love and compassion, but now they must know the truth, because only the truth will set them free. When the calamity comes, they will call on the right name because they will be frantic. They will not know what to do or how to care for their families and they will think - I heard this Name before but I never used it. I will use it now.  

    My Name is very important in HaShamayim. Jesus Christ is not important. Jesus Christ has deceived for many years through many pastors and to many people. My angels shudder when they hear the name Jesus Christ. They shudder when they hear Holy Ghost but I have loved My people and I know they have searched for Me. They have cried out to Me and that’s why I answered them. But now My Spirit of Emet, My Ruach of Truth is falling and everyone will know Who I am and My Name is multi-faceted and it shows My disposition. It shows My character. It shows Who I really am.  When you speak to others make sure you use my right Name because if you don’t, I won’t answer your prayers either.

    Time is getting short. Everyone is busy in hashamayim. Things are happening on earth as well. You just don’t recognize some of those things.  

    Make good use of the fast. Come closer to Me. I want to help you, guide you and lead you through these weeks before you come to the new building. I cannot say where, when or how. It will be a complete surprise. Be ready to help the ministry in any way you can. I need yielded vessels, vessels of honor. Walk the narrow road and you will become one of those vessels.  

    You are not the only orchestra I have. There are others but they do not understand yet that they are My orchestra, but they follow my baton and one day I will reveal this to them.

    As I said, there is so much going on and you cannot see it. You do not understand it, but things are happening and they are happening quickly. Do not be afraid, just follow your leader because she follows Me.  

    Pray about the relationship between America and Iran. These people deceive. They speak out of both sides of their mouths. Be afraid of these people. They would annihilate Yisrael today if they could. Your prayers are holding them back.  

    Pray for your President, his cabinet, his congress. So many are not behind Yisrael and he is the chief reason. I let America choose him twice because I have a plan for America. Eventually people will see who this man really is. But he is not in the forefront. There are those who are hidden and they are the ones pulling his strings. He has sold out to them. He is willing to take the backlash of the American people for them because he thinks they will save him. But they will not.

    America is in deep trouble. If My own people do not open their eyes and see what’s going on and pray, how will those who are not My people, who pray to this Jesus Christ, who go to these churches? They are totally blind.  

    You have been saved for such a time as this. Cry out to Me for My mercy. 

   Cry out to Me for compassion because I could destroy everyone and start all over again.

mourn for my people

Message in tongues by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin and interpretation
of tongues by Karen Sulpizii given at Messianic Temple Beth El
during Shabbat service on 11 Iyyar 5774 - May 11, 2014

Note: Ruach HaKodesh was sobbing and grief-stricken throughout message given in tongues and its interpretation.

 I mourn for My sheep. I have so much to tell them and to give them. They don’t want it. They don’t even know they should want it.

    I give so much to Messianic Temple Beth El and I want to give the same spiritual food to My other sheep but hasatan has deceived them. They go to church and they pray and they sing. And then they go home and do things that hurt Me – deeply! I am their Father, their Protector, Healer, and Helper but they go to everybody else but Me.  

    They hurt Me when they don’t put Me first. They hurt Me when they don’t read My Word. They hurt Me when they don’t put My word into practice.  

    I know everything about them because I made them.  I know their weaknesses and strengths. My Book is to show them the life I have for them – the set-apart life, the kadosh life.  You, at Messianic Temple Beth El, are getting to know what that is but the others have no understanding because the leaders have no understanding and they don’t want to understand. They are too busy with their own agendas.

    Many of the Pastors and Rabbis hurt Me. They hurt Me deeply because I want to use them to bring My people to Me. Some of the Pastors and Rabbis are not even My people. They lead their families astray. They lead strangers astray. They lead their congregation astray.  

    (Ruach HaKodesh sighed) My heart is heavy. I cry up in the heavens. Yes, sometimes there is joy but there is more sorrow. My angels shake their heads - why, why can’t the people obey? Why can’t they see that what I have for them is better than what they are doing for themselves?  

    So many marriages break up because the people should not be together, because I did not put them together. So many children die from these unions because the generational sins of the fathers and mothers come upon these children and, collectively, they make them sick.

    I have called many people to Myself and they have not come. I have shown them through punishments, I have shown them through love, I have sent people to speak to them, but they just don’t understand. The youngest generations will never understand because their parents and grandparents don’t understand.  

    Messianic Temple Beth El, people will be coming. I will be sending them with a lot of hurts. The same hurts that you have, the same problems that you have, so you have to listen to My Word and understand how to correct your problems so that you can help others by ministering to them My word. 

    There is a Grand Master Plan for Messianic Temple Beth El, but I need people who love Me and who will obey Me and who I can trust to run these facilities. People I can trust, people I can trust to hear My Word correctly and do it - not go to the right or go to the left.

    There are so many people on this path who went to the left or to the right and they’re falling, falling, falling into hell little by little. They haven’t died physically yet but they are dying spiritually day by day.

    I have so much for all of you to do. You will need to live a long, healthy life to accomplish My purpose for your life.  

    Cry for My people. Cry for the people that have to come and the people from countries all over the world. Cry for them. Intercede for them. They won’t come in without your intercession.

    Those who have ears, let them hear!

Bow down lower

Prophetic word given by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin during Shabbat service

at Messianic Temple Beth El on 17 Tishrei 5775 - October 11, 2014

   You all came here by the calling (prompting) of Ruach HaKodesh. The Tsunami of Ruach HaKodesh will come as the Tsunami of evil will cover this country. Elohim’s hand has picked you up and brought you and planted you in His Vineyard of Messianic Temple Beth El so He could nourish you and deal with you on a very deep level. So you would not be lost in a large congregation and hide in it. Allow Elohim to get to your heart and rip the old heart of stone from you and give you a new heart of flesh.

    Allow Elohim to purify your thoughts and the intentions of your evil thoughts for He can impart Himself only in clean and pure vessels. He made you this vessel and now you have to act on it – pray He will answer your prayer to make you pure and holy and as He humbles you, you will know that it is not the humbling of man but of Elohim. This is not the hand of man over you but the hand of Elohim that tells you, “Lower My child, lower.”  “But Abba”, you reply.  “Get lower, child.”  “But Abba!” “Get lower!”

         For you will never be able to go through this gate of holiness, righteousness, set-apartness until you go lower. For as you humble yourself under the mighty hand of Elohim and go through the gate of mercy, grace and compassion, on the other side will be all the things you desire. You can’t bring everything you are dragging with you for this gate is very narrow and you have to humble yourself. You are not to bow down before any man, but only before Elohim of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaacov.

    He is preparing you to become a worker in His Kingdom, to become a worker in His Vineyard, for His Revival of Repentance is upon us. It is only repentance that will bring us closer to our Elohim. Do you desire to be closer to your Master?  Repent and humble yourself before Him.

    Do not murmur or complain.  Be content with what you have and worship Him, worship Him, worship Him. Praise Him and magnify His Kadosh Name and all the things that surround you will become insignificant. Your eyes will see your Master. Your spirit will long towards Him.  Your tongue will exalt and thank Him for who He is and for His Son, Yeshua, Yeshuat Elohim, His deliverance. And then you will be filled with the joy of Elohim that will super pass and super stand all that you are going through. This joy will be so real that you will laugh and cry, laugh and cry, laugh and cry because of the goodness of your Master.  And then you will be able to say, “It is well with my soul.  It is well with my soul.”

    Prepare for the impact. It is the day of His wrath. It’s the day of His anger. It’s the day of His great mishpatim that is about to fall not only upon New York but upon the families, and upon the churches and congregations and individuals. Prepare to meet your Maker in a very unexpected way and tremble before Him! Tremble before Elohim of Yisrael, Beth El.  For not only the wicked will tremble before Him but the righteous, as well. All the earth will tremble before Him!!!

    He desires to renew your faith this morning. He desires to renew your mind this morning. He desires to give you a new heart this morning. He desires you to enter into a new, more intimate relationship with Him this morning. Will you make this first step?  Will you say to Him: “Hineini, Abba – Here I am” or will you hold back in unbelief, doubt, confusion and anger?  

    It is written:  “I dwell in the midst of them.” Allow Ruach HaKodesh to dwell in your midst as you invite Him to circumcise your heart and renew your mind. He is waiting for your response, Beth El. Now it’s between you and Your Elohim. He’s waiting for your response.  

    Let me decrease and You increase and deal with Your children.

Ruach Elohim also spoke to Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin and He said:

“As the Tsunami wave swept thousands of people away; My wave of Ruach HaKodesh will be even mightier than the Tsunami and it will sweep thousands into the Malchut (Kingdom) of Adon Yeshua.” 

Calamity that is coming is the judgment of Elohim, the punishment of Elohim.

Yirmeyahu 46:21b
They shall not stand, for the day of their calamity has come upon them, the time of their punishment.

woe to this evil world

Prophetic word given by Karen Sulpizii during Yom Kippur service

at Messianic Temple Beth El on 10 Tishrei 5775 - October 4, 2014

  My children, My children.  Listen to what I have to say:  

    There is a way of set-apartness (holiness), a highway that only the clean walk upon.  To walk on this highway you must be clean in thought, in word, in deed. Your heart must be clean, your spirit must be clean, your body must be clean and everything you do must be clean.  Not everyone who is saved knows about this way of set-apartness (holiness).  Not everyone who is saved can walk on this way of set-apartness (holiness) because you must be clean.

    To do My will at anytime you must be clean. I cannot use dirty vessels. It breaks My heart to see My own people walk through the wide gate, walk on the wide street, walk on the wide road.  It hurts Me.  My Son did not walk on this wide road. By example He showed you how to walk on the narrow road.  

    This way of set-apartness (holiness) is not easy.  My Son did not take the easy way either. 

    Many are saved only in their own minds, but I do not see them as saved.  They say they have accepted My Son and follow Him, but they are liars.  

    The Gate into HaShamayim (heavens) is very narrow.  If you take the wide road there is no Gate to HaShamayim (heavens) at the end.

    Look in your mirror and see the face looking back at you is My Son. Let His eyes pierce you – pierce your spirit, pierce your soul, pierce your heart.

    If you are not walking on this highway of set-apartness (holiness) My child, get on it as soon as possible for I wish to use you in many ways. 

    The calamity of New York City is near. The affliction is coming quickly.  You are my battle axe in the spirit against Al Qaeda, ISIS, against the home-grown terrorists in America and in Britain. In the spirit you are to fight and to bring down the reign they are trying to bring to all the countries of the world. This is not of Me. This is of the adversary.  But you must be clean because I answer clean prayers. You must be clean so the enemy cannot attack you, cannot retaliate. You must be strong – clean and strong for you are the people called by My Name. If you are clean you will have success because I have success.  

    WOE to those who do not celebrate My Holy Days.  

    WOE to them who know about My Holy Days and don’t care, for it is My will to speak to My people on these days and how can I speak to you if you are not here? 

    WOE to them who hate My people because great punishment will come upon them.  The Middle East will see, the Far East will see, America, Israel will see. All the countries of the world will see what I will do when My people love Me and follow Me. When they can hear My voice and they don’t go to the right or to the left, when they take the narrow road with the narrow gate. All will see what I will do.

    America wake up! Wake up! You are sleeping and you are stupid. I am trying to call each person, one by one, but most of you do not listen. You cannot even hear my voice because you are dirty.

    WOE to this sinful world!

    I cry at the holidays for they are precious to Me. That’s why I put them in the Word but very few (Ruach sighs) celebrate them the way they were meant to be celebrated. They worry about food for the stomach, but not food for the spirit. They worry about not carrying packages but they don’t worry about their hardened hearts.  

    WOE to this evil world!

    Do you not see that I have touched the food supply? Do you not see the weather? What I have done? I have released My angels to cause havoc on your weather which has destroyed many of your crops. How much more do I have to do before even the heathen looks up and says: There must be a god somewhere that’s doing this because things are happening that have never happened before in areas that have never had these disasters.

    I cry, I cry because the people I have created just don’t care. They have their own golden calf that they have run around and idolized. They give their resources, but not to Me. Not to build My Temples. Not to take care of My Temples.  

    WOE to this evil world!

    But soon you will be a light in the darkness. My Temple will shine because Messianic Temple Beth El it will be! And many will come and many will get saved, and many will get healed and many will get delivered. This will be a ministry like no other.  

    WOE to this evil world!

The destiny of america is in your hands

Prophetic word given by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin during Shabbat service

at Messianic Temple Beth El on 4 Elul 5774 - August 30, 2014

  I am the First and I am the Last and besides Me there is no Elohim. Serve Me with gladness, Beth El. Enter into My courts with praise and adoration. Humble yourself under My mighty hand and in due time I will raise you up. 

    I love you with an everlasting love, all of you. I stretch My arms towards each one of you, but some of you would not, would not. (Ruach HaKodesh is crying). I plead with you. I reason with you, but you still would not. I strike your back with the rod of My correction. I break My rod over your back but you still would not obey Me. Then I let you go your own way. I gave you truly to the lusts of your flesh, your eyes, your mind and of your body. 

    Make teshuvah today. Repent and turn back and serve Me, your Master for I long to see you coming back into My arms. I am a Consuming Fire. You cannot come close to Me with your sins. I will consume you. This is My message that was given through these three angels, three malachim sent by My hand: Repentance, Humility, Holiness. These I require from all those who truly desire to follow My Son Yeshua. It cost Him EVERYTHING. Why do you think that it will not cost you everything? Are you greater than your Master? He was stripped off everything. Don’t think that you will not be stripped off everything as your Master was. He was despised and rejected by men. Don’t you think that you will be despised and rejected by men for My sake and the sake of My kingdom?

    You live in a beautiful country. This country is still beautiful. You should only know how My other children live in other countries and what persecution they are going through on a daily basis. Maybe you will not complain and murmur to Me anymore. So who loves Me more: you or them? Some of them don’t know how their lives will end up when they go to sleep in the evening or when they wake up in the morning because of the persecution for My Name. You are not there yet, My children. Not yet. For Islam has invaded Europe and Africa. They are gone. Next step on Islam’s agenda is YOU: the United States of America. What are you going to do - submit to evil or conquer and destroy evil?

    The decision is not in the hands of your evil President nor the members of his Cabinet. The decision is in the hands of My people who are called “the salt of this world”. The decision is in your hands. Will you allow this country to become corrupted by Sharia law or will you establish My Torah as the law of this country?

    The dark forces are coming to invade this country from the north and the south, from the west and the east, from above and from beneath, from the land and from the sea. You don’t see them coming, but I do, because they are coming by My permission. You don’t know about nor do you hear the meetings of evil ones who prepare how to tear this country apart. You don’t hear their sarcastic laughs of what they will do when they completely and totally invade this country and make Americans their slaves. I do. I hear.

    I allowed Europe and Africa to have their own way because My body of believers did not stand up against Islam. My shepherds are too afraid to take a stand against Islam, they are afraid to be kidnapped, tortured and beheaded. They are afraid to be martyred for My Name.

    What about YOU? What about YOU? The destiny of this country is in the hands of My people.Will you answer the calling? Will you lift up your voice against injustice and evil or will you say, “Oh, they didn’t come for me!” Not yet, but they will. They will.

    Let My question ring in your ears this Shabbat morning. What about YOU?I demand UNCONDITIONAL surrender to My Word.I demand UNCONDITIONAL obedience.I demand UNCONDITIONAL surrender from all My followers. Don’t say. “Tomorrow” because you don't know what tomorrow will bring. What about you, My children? What are you going to do?

Rabbi’s note:

At the beginning of Shabbat service I shared a message of the three angels by Randy Ailie and Maurice Smith. Ruach Elohim confirmed that these three malachim were sent by Him with the message of REPENTANCE, INTIMACY AND HOLINESS.

Martin Niemoller (1892-1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

Pastor Niemoller is best remembered for the quotation:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out -

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out - 

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out -

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak for me.


Prophetic word given by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin during Shabbat service

at Messianic Temple Beth El on 6 Av 5774 - August 2, 2014

Rabbi sang a song in tongues and spoke in tongues – “Kadimah.” And then she was given the interpretation.

    Kadimah means “go forward”.  Forward, forward, go forward.  Kadimah!  Ruach HaKodesh was telling us Kadimah! Kadimah! Kadimah!  And another thing that I was receiving is that Messianic Temple Beth El is the spiritual IDF. IDF is Israel Defense Forses. We are the soldiers in the spirit realm. And Ruach Elohim said “Crawl, crawl, crawl” We have to crawl because there are some tunnels that are tall and some are not. And He said “Crawl, crawl, crawl into the enemy’s territory. Destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy.  Kadimah! kadimah!  Don’t be afraid of the abduction.  Don’t be afraid. Just go forward. Destroy, destroy, destroy!!!

    We are to pray for Benjamin Netanyahu for he is in a great danger, in a great danger.  We are to pray for this man. Thank You Ruach HaKodesh.  

     “As the mountains surround Israel so I surround My people with My compassion and with My protection. The time of the great revival is upon us. The revival of salvation of the Jewish and the Arab world.

    Pray that My Spirit will move not only among the Israelis and among My Jewish people worldwide but it will move upon the Arabs and Muslims world, worldwide.  It is the desire and the intention of My heart to save My people that came from the loins of their father Avraham.

    Pray for the supernatural intervention of My Ruach HaKodesh in the lives of these two groups of people who are half-brothers. For the blood of their father, Avraham, is streaming through their blood cells. Pray that I will move supernaturally within these two groups of people with dreams, visions, angelic intervention and supernatural revelation of who My Son, Yeshua, is. As this revelational knowledge will be supernaturally given to them, I will melt their hearts and take the hate and hatred towards each other from their hearts and replace it with My ahava, My love.  

    Pray for your brothers and sisters in the Arab world – believers who are risking their lives every day to bring My Word to their brothers and sisters, to the Arabs in the Arab countries. They are risking their lives every day but the more they are persecuted, the more the Word, the Good News, the HaBesorah of My Son, Yeshua HaMachiach, is spreading among the Muslims. Pray that the hearts pierced with grief and despair will be filled with trust in Me and hope from Me.  

    I intend to use you, Messianic Temple Beth El, for My Kadosh purposes. Do not resist Ruach HaKodesh when I wake you up. Do not resist Ruach HaKodesh when I fall upon you. Do not resist Ruach HaKodesh when I move upon you. Do not tell Me that you have other things to do. Put these things aside and seek My Kingdom, My purposes, My righteousness and all the rest of the things will surely be added unto you.“ 

    “Get ready, Messianic Temple Beth El, for the time is short, for the time is very short. Do not judge with your natural eyes. Do not judge with your natural ears but only “thus says Yahweh Elohim of Israel” in My Kitvei HaKodesh, My Holy Scriptures.

The time to be holy is now

Prophetic word given by Karen Sulpizii during Shabbat service

at Messianic Temple Beth El on 23 Sivan 5774 - June 21, 2014

(Ruach HaKodesh crying)  You must start walking in this holiness now (referring to Elaine Straker’s prophetic word that was given prior to this). You must start walking in light NOW more than you’ve ever walked before because when the calamity comes and the sirens ring out there will chaos.  

    The streets will be filled with people running here and there (sob), not knowing what to do and I will try to contact you but if you are unholy how can I contact you?  (sob) How will you hear My voice? You won’t!! Your hearts will faint and you will be like the ones running in the streets.  Close your doors of sin. Start walking in holiness and righteousness. Follow Me for I have shown you the way in My Word. Do this soon, My beloved, or you may be destroyed. (sob) Do it very soon, very soon.

    Things are happening behind closed doors right now, that you don’t know about, that involve Beth El. I am getting her ready and you are part of Beth El and you must be ready.

    It is not easy to follow Me but you must for you will not hear Me when the sirens ring out, when the alarms come on the television and on the radio that something is happening and no one knows what it is. Your light will have to shine. You cannot be afraid as they are afraid.

    Start walking more closely with Me today.

"The Heart is crooked above all, and desperately sick - who shall know it?"

Satan wants to devour you

"Yet not my desire, but let Yours be done"

The process of pruning

Ruach HaKodesh is a Consuming Fire

  • Spiritual Codes26:05

spiritual codes

Prophetic word given during Shabbat service at Messianic Temple Beth El

on 3 Shevat 5774 - January 4, 2014

through Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin

Thus says Yahweh Elohim of Yisrael to His Messianic Temple Beth El:

    “I am Elohim of righteousness and holiness. I am not an elohim of compromise. I am Elohim of right-ruling. I am not an elohim of chaos. 

    I am your Elohim. I am doing a new thing among you, Beth El. I am doing a deep work inside of each one of you. I am burning all that is not of Me by the power of My Ruach and through My Word. You don’t like it, but there is no other way for you to be purified, for you to be sanctified, for you to be delivered from evil that is inside of you.

    I am doing a new thing in you, My children, a thing that I have declared through My prophets. I am raising up a tabernacle of David here on earth through you, My living stones. I am bringing true praise and worship through you. You are learning this for it is a process as My Ruach HaKodesh is leading you.

    I desire worshipers and not workers. I desire you to be warring worshipers,  praising worshipers, praising Me, Adon le olam, the King of this universe. 

    I am pruning you. I am watching over you. I know every thought. I know every inclination of your heart: good or evil. I know everything about it. I know about your desires, plans, aspirations and goals. I know everything about you.

    All these have to be submitted to My will. Pray that My will be done in your life. I am breaking you more and more and more every day because deep calls to deep. I do not desire a surface relationship with you as some of you have had with Me for a long time. I desire intimacy with you. I desire a close relationship with you, My children. I have so many things to tell you.

    I created you. I formed each one of you with My own hands in your mother’s womb. I formed your body and delivered you Myself. I was this midwife, an invisible midwife, who was standing there when you were about to be delivered.

    I know your coming in and your going out. Do not reject My discipline. It is My love. They don’t understand My love. Those who profess My Name, those who tell My children that they know Me, those who call themselves the leaders of the sheep, they don’t know My love!

    My Son knows My love! My Son experienced My love! My Son cried out to Me, “Why have you forsaken Me, Abba?” But I had not forsaken. I had not forsaken Him and I have not forsaken you, My little Beth El.

    You are My creation, the creation of My End-Times, My ministry, the ministry of Ruach HaKodesh. You were not birthed by the efforts of man. You were conceived and birthed by Ruach HaKodesh. You were brought here by Ruach HaKodesh. You have been sustained by Ruach HaKodesh.You have been watched by Ruach HaKodesh and My Word.

    Do not reprove the rebuke. Accept the discipline. Desire to be kadosh as I am your Elohim Kadosh. Separate yourself from this olam hazeh, this evil world, where hasatan rules and reigns. Have I not said this to you that you are in this world, but you are not of this world?

    You are of the seed of My Ruach HaKodesh. I desire you to come to Me. I desire your attention. I desire your love to be with Me, your Abba. I desire to hug and to kiss you. I desire to protect you from all evil. I desire to provide for you. But sometimes you are just so rebellious that I have to let you go so that you will learn what it means to be a prodigal son or a prodigal daughter.

    And My intercessors are praying for you day and night, day and night, standing in the gap for each one of you, fighting for your souls, your existence and  your salvation. Fighting for your minds, your souls, your bodies, your will, laying down their lives for you. They are at the point of collapsing because of an absolute and total exhaustion. When one stops, another one picks up. The prayer for you is going on for 24/7 nonstop.

    Hasatan wants to devour you. Hasatan wants to pull you out of this place. Hasatan wants you back in his kingdom. He is enraged at each one of you that you abandoned your former master and chose Yeshua to be your Adon.

    I have created this place, this unique place of repentance for My Spirit of repentance flows in this place. There is no salvation without repentance. There is no redemption without repentance. There is no healing without repentance. Repentance is the key to your success in Me.

    Some of you are still so carnal and fleshly because you don't see the riches of My Word taught to you and the power of My Spirit ministering to you in this place.

    This place is a place of true worship, true worship, true worship of Me. You truly are learning how to worship Me in spirit and truth. Many people long to come to experience My presence and My anointing, and they will at My time,  they will, you will see it Beth El. But now it is all yours. Treasure it. 

    You were taught so many wrong things, My children. You were taught so many wrong doctrines, My children, that you even don’t know Who I am and how I deal with My creation, but little by little I am opening your eyes of understanding to see. 

    Give Me your heart, My child. Let me cleanse it, let Me purify it. Let me deliver you from your evil heart. Oh, if you only knew the depth of your evil heart the way I see it. If you only knew, if you only understood!!! Give Me your heart. Pray for your heart, release your heart to Me so that I will create in you a new heart, lev tahor, a new heart, a pure heart, a clean heart, a heart that loves righteousness, a heart that loves holiness, a heart that loves right-ruling, a heart that hates all evil, a heart that loves Me and is willing to follow Me all the way to Golgotha.

    You are the first fruits of My Messianic Nation. You are the first fruits of those Maccabees who will prepare the people for the second coming of My Son Yeshua. Have I not said it in My Word, “Will I find emunah here on this earth when I send again My Son Yeshua? Will I find those people who love Me?

    Evil penetrates this earth in and out. Many evil demons are released against My creation for these truly are the End-Times. Corruption of minds and hearts is everywhere: deception, lies, abuse, tyranny, despotism, no mercy, no love, no compassion. These are the traces of hasatan, which are the traces of this olam hazeh, this evil world.

    But I am with you. I am Who I am with you, My little Beth El. I picked each one of you and brought you here so that My purposes would be fulfilled through each one of you: willingly or not willingly.

    You are truly a puzzle to many. They cannot read you because I coded you.

There is a code that stands at the entrance of Messianic Temple Beth El. In the spirit realm there is a code. And this is the code: “Righteousness of Elohim of Yisrael reigns in this place. Holiness of Elohim of Yisrael reigns in this place. Fear of Elohim reigns in this place.” Only those who can read these codes in the spirit will be able to enter it. For the rest the doors will be closed.

    I allowed you to enter in when you didn’t seek these things. I allowed you to enter in the way you were for you are My first fruits, the delight of My hands. I broke you and broke you and broke you and I will break you again for a vessel that is not broken cannot be used by Me. I will make you again and again and again a new vessel in My hands. You are the works of My hands. 

    Prepare for an impact. Get ready. Everything that I have spoken will be fulfilled. I love you with an everlasting love. 

    This is just the beginning, just the beginning, just the beginning of a big, big job that is ahead of you. But it will not be done by your efforts. It will be done by My Ruach. Prepare yourself for what is ahead of you. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of Your Master and I will lift you up at My appointed time.

    This is the time of deep humbling before Me for there is a time for everything under the heavens. Now is the time of cleansing, purification, sanctification and learning to hear My small voice. Learn how to hear My small voice now before the chaos will set in because then it will be very hard to hear My voice.

    You are so different. You are so different, it is truly a multicultural congregation of My people, but you are so much alike. Do you know why? I dwell in you and this is what makes you truly Mishpocha. So act like one, Beth El, live like one, Beth El, be like one, Beth El. Let Me see the works of your hands. And I will reward each one of you according to the works of your hands: either evil or good. I love you all, My children.