do not fear the enemy, but prevail!

 Prophetic Word given by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin at Messianic Temple Beth El 

26 Tevet, 5772 - January 21, 2012 during Shabbat Service 

Thus says Yahweh Elohim of Yisrael,

    You truly have come to Malchut Elohim - the Kingdom of Elohim for such a time as this.  I say to you, “Prevail over your enemies!” I say, “Prevail  over those who hate, destroy, rob, steal, and try to kill you. Prevail in the Name of My Son, Yeshua HaMashiach, for I have surely given you the power to prevail over all your enemies. Do not be afraid of the enemy. Let the enemy be afraid of you."

    I have washed you, cleansed you, sanctified you by the precious Blood of My Son, Yeshua. You are Mine. You are Mine. You are Mine! Do not allow fear to take over you for I have not given you “a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind.” II Timothy 1:7. Rebuke fear and he will flee from you b’Shem Yeshua HaMashiach - in the Name of Yeshua the Messiah.

    Go forward, My children, go forward! I say “Kadimah!”- go forth!  Do not turn to the right, nor to the left. Do not look back to Mitsrayim - Egypt, the land of slavery from where I redeemed you. Look to the Promised Land - Eretz Yisrael, to Jerusalem, My city! Look to the Promised Land, My country where I will bring you by My hand and will gather you from the north, south, east and west. I will bring you on eagle's wings to Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, to your country, to your land to dwell, to multiply, to rejoice and to praise Me, your Abba.

    I say, “Do not fear for I am with you, My little Beth El. You will stand because I am with you. You will stand, you will not fall. Many will fall but you will stand for I am with you. Remember, My children, that I love each one of you with My very special and deep love. I protect and provide for you though you do not see it the way I do. Trust Me. Trust Me. Trust Me. Trust Me, My children. You are very special and I am proud of you. I am taking you through this wilderness “by a way you have not known - in paths you have not known I lead you. I make darkness light before you, and crooked places straight. These matters I will do for you and I will not forsake you." Yeshayahu/Isaiah 42:16.

   "Though I have given you the bread of adversity and water of affliction,” Yeshayahu/Isaiah 30:20. Your eyes will soon see Yeshua, Shofet Tzaddik - the Righteous Judge, Who will judge between you and the evil people. You will see My mishpatim - My righteous judgments fall on the wicked.

    Stay together. Do not break ranks. Love each other as I have loved you. Love with an unconditional love. Speak the truth to each other. “Do not lie to each other since, you have put off the old man with his practices.” Colossians 3:9. Remember “faith, hope and love remain. But the greatest of these is love." I Corinthians 13:13.

    I will continue to speak to some of you individually. Seek Me as you sit at My feet and I will reveal to you many things that your mind can’t imagine.

    Then Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin saw Ruach HaKodesh lifted and she said, “Thank you for loving us. Thank you for being with us. Thank you for leading us through this wilderness.” Then she added that we should never say, “Abba doesn’t love me.” It is a lie from the pit of hell. Your Abba loves and cares very much for each one of us. Todah rabah, Abba.

severe calamity coming to new york city

Prophetic word giving by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin at Messianic Temple Beth El

on 22 Iyar, 5772 - May 14, 2012 during the T’filla Intercessory prayer.

    Thus said Elohim of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaacov,

    The calamity that is coming will be so severe that it cannot be compared to 9/11. Many people will be caught in this calamity. Many people will die. While she was prophesying, Rabbi Hadassah saw an open vision. And she said, "There will be blood all over. Many men, women and children: young and old will die." 

    My children, prepare for an impact. Prepare! I am warning you. I am warning you. Turn away from your evil, from your secret sins and run to Me. Run to the altar of Hesed (Mercy), Rachamim (Compassion) and Ahava (Love) for I am a Compassionate and Loving Elohim. 

    Release your family to Me for you cannot protect them. You cannot save them when the calamity comes. For My judgments (My mishpatim) are very severe. They will fall on New York City for this city is the representation of America. 

    How would a parent feel seeing his or her child molested and abused? This is how I feel when my sheep are taken advantage of. My heart is broken over My sheep when I see the shepherds rape and abuse them. They have stolen everything from My sheep, even their last hope. My little ones still cry to Me out of their last strength and I hear the cry of My children.

    The local government in NYC is very evil. The Mayor and his office are very evil. You do not know what is going on behind their closed doors. They are selling NYC to the foreigners: building by building, block by block. It will not belong to the Americans anymore but will be in possession of the foreigners who will tear the city and the country apart with their evil purposes. Great evil has been done to My people behind closed doors.

    The homosexuals are taking over the country. They are arrogant and boastful. THEY WANT YOUR CHILDREN. They want every boy and girl in America to become a homosexual. They already took over the media, interior design, art, hair and makeup, garment industry and Hollywood. They are taking over the educational system saying to your children, “It is ok to be a homosexual.” They have made a mockery of My Word. They have infiltrated the high echelons of society. They rule as businessmen, lawyers, doctors, nurses and educators in different levels of society. They already have taken over Hollywood. 

    They hate real beauty and purity. They are despicable in their sexual acts. They are not satisfied anymore by their sexual immorality for the demons (shadim) have already taken over their minds, souls and bodies. You will hear more and more about homosexuality and bestiality. They are arrogant and prideful, defying My Word. Many of them are dying of AIDS and there will be more to come. There will be new sicknesses and diseases, new venereal diseases that will come as a result of homosexuality and bestiality.¹ The demons of sexual perversion are released upon the earth to attack people’s minds ​to desire an extreme sexual experience, for they are not satisfied sexually anymore, but only when they have perverted sex.

    You will hear about children disappearing more than ever before. They are kidnapped by satanists, witches, sexual perverts and homosexuals to destroy the child for the rest of his or her life. You will hear more and more about dysfunctional children. This will be more than just Autism that children are born with in America because of the union of evil people and/or generational curses. 

    The witches are hunting for good men. They receive their assignments from hasatan (satan) himself how to get them. They are sent to churches and congregations to “fish” good men, men who are on fire for Me. They pretend to be born from above, they seduce these men, then they get pregnant from them and their seed will be great evil.

    There is a great darkness that is coming to this country and the whole world. Stay united in My Ruach. Stay together and love one another as I have loved you. Do not be hypocritical. Be genuine, truly become a Mishpocha (Family) to each other as I have put you together.

    Seek My will concerning your employment so that you will work for Me. For very soon every institution will turn into a demonic establishment: every hospital, every school, every office, every bank, etc. So seek My face and I will guide you to a specific job so that you will work for Me and for people who are My children. 

    The banking system will collapse. The Russians, Chinese, Muslims and Communists are united together against this country. They want to avenge the blood of Bin Laden. They hate America and American democracy and the blessings I have bestowed upon this country. When this country will cry and mourn, they will rejoice and celebrate. It is coming soon and it is inevitable. Pray that in My wrath I will remember rachamim (compassion).

    My little Beth El, I love you ALL. I love you with My everlasting love. You are all so precious in My sight. You are My children, and I am your Elohim. Never doubt it. I am with you. I am the Great I am. I will never leave you nor forsake you. So if I am with you, who can be against you?


Nahum 3:1-7

1. Woe to the city of blood! All of it is a lie, filled with plunder, the prey is not lacking.

2. The sound of a whip and the sound of rattling wheels, of galloping horses, of jolting chariots,

3. mounted horsemen with bright sword and glittering spear, and many wounded, and a mass of dead bodies, and no end of corpses, they stumbled over the corpses -

4. because of the many whorings of the well-favoured whore, the mistress of sorceries, who sells nations by her whorings, and clans by her sorceries.

5. “See, I am against you,” declares Yahweh Tzevaot, “and shall lift up your skirts over your face, and shall show nations your nakedness, and reigns your shame.

6. And I shall cast abominations upon you, and treat you as foolish, and make a spectacle of you.

7. And It shall be that all who see you flee from you, and say, “Ninevah is laid waste! Who does mourn for her? Where do I seek comforters for you?”