Prophecy by Cindy deVille

on 5 Sivan, 5768 - June 8, 2008

Preface: This is a very intense word and I will not make any excuses for the Spirit of God or attempt to manage Him. I will tell you though that this word came from the depths of God's heart. I felt the same zeal and love that I believe drove Messiah to cleanse the Temple. His presence was very heavy upon me as I wrote this... Judgment Is Coming to the Pulpits of America.

"The zeal for My house has consumed Me," says the Spirit of God! The love for My people has overtaken Me! Therefore I will begin, I will begin, I will begin," says the Spirit of God. "I will begin now to cleanse My house, I will call out and I will bring judgment, I will enter in and begin in the pulpits of America! The fear of Me shall hit the five-fold ministry, it will cause many to shudder as I utter My judgments. The five-fold ministry shall see My judgments.

Those who presume to speak for Me with hidden sin, they will see judgment come to them, swiftly and suddenly! Those who think they can live in sin, be My mouthpiece and stand in My Holy place with the mask of deception on their face, they shall see My swift judgments! It shall be like an earthquake, and everything shall shake! Everything shall shake. For I will have My way! This is a day when I will not tolerate their sin anymore! NO MORE, NO MORE," says the Spirit of God!

For I am coming to My temple with a great roar! I will bring fear back to My house again and I will confront and remove the sin that many in the pulpit are living in! And some shall be examples as Ananais and Saphira. All that can be shaken will be shaken. For I will have a Holy people, a Holy nation. I will have a Glorious Body and I will remove everything and everyone standing in My way. For this is a new day!

You say mercy, mercy, grace, grace and you think that will erase the hidden sin you continue to live and revel in! I will have it no more! Your words are nothing to Me, it is your actions that I see! You have trampled on My grace and made a mockery of My mercy and you have taught My people the same and now My name is shamed! Now My people think that I am OK with sin, You have opened the door and let it into My sanctuary, into My Holy place, You have made My house one of disgrace. You have defiled My house and defiled My people!

Sin is destroying My people, destroying My Body and destroying your nation! I am done with you, and I will have it no more! No more mercy and no more grace, for you come near to Me with your words but your heart is far, far from Me. Do you not know that I see everything? You cannot fool or deceive Me as you do My people, For I AM the God of all truth and I will deal with you! For I AM a Holy God and My sanctuary shall be holy, and I WILL HAVE A HOLY PEOPLE that they might bear My Glory!

They shall be holy unto Me, therefore I must remove the unclean things! I will raise up and I will bring down! I will remove apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, evangelist from the pulpit, those in the five-fold ministry who are defiling My house and defiling My people. I will have it NO MORE, NO MORE," says the Spirit of God. My judgment is coming to the pulpits of America.

I will judge, I will cleanse, I will purify! I have seen in secret and I will reward you openly! I will expose your sin. You have fooled My people, but you have not fooled Me," says the Spirit of God, for I see all things! I see what you have done behind closed doors and I say to you, I WILL HAVE IT NO MORE! For judgment has opened the door and is now coming in. These are not mere words that I speak to you, but watch Me, says the Spirit of God, I will perform My Word, and you will know the fear of Me again. For I am the King of Glory and this is not as before, this is not as before, this is not as before!!! I am coming to deal with the sin in the pulpits of America, I am coming in to deal with you! I will have it no more, no more," says the Spirit of God! For I am warning you," says the Spirit of God, do not step up to the pulpit with hidden sin in your life, for you may not live to see another day for I will have My Body, My way, says the Spirit of Grace. This is not a game, this is not a game! All the earth shall know My name! I am not playing games!"

why black israel?

Prophecy by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin at Messianic Temple Beth El

on 9 Cheshvan, 5769 - November 07, 2008

As I was seeking the face of my Elohim, praying and meditating on Kitvei HaKodesh (Holy Scriptures), Ruach HaKodesh reminded me about a question that He asked me before. "Are you willing to lay down your life for My Black Yisrael, My daughter?" I didn't know what to answer, and I quickly replied, "Yes, of course, Abba." "Don't be so quick with your answer, My child, " Ruach Elohim replied to me. Weeks passed, then months passed as I continued to ponder on those words. Then one day I asked Ruach Elohim again. "Abba, why did You ask me if I was willing to lay down my life for Black Yisrael? And not Spanish Yisrael or Yehudim?"

Ruach HaKodesh through Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin:

    Black Yisraelites have been deceived by the enemy into voting for a Black man to become an American President. They hoped that the Black American President will save them from death and destruction, racism and prejudice, poverty, humiliation, and second class citizenship because of their color and history. They believed that Obama would deliverer them out of “racial slavery from the white man”. They cried, prayed, hoped and then shouted in jubilation “We did it.” But they didn’t. By believing his lies, they became caught in the “snare of the trapper”. They have been trapped by the enemy who gave them false hope in a false messiah.

I am the only One Who can deliver them from slavery to hasatan and men, but again they rejected Me, their Deliverer and chose their false messiah. They still rebel and reject Me as the only Deliverer and think that I have chosen Obama as My vessel to bring them out of slavery. He is My servant (for I use whomever I decide to choose to do My will), but it is not Obama who will lead My Black Yisrael back to Me. but you, My daughter. The enemy desires to destroy Black Yisrael, but I have a plan to save them, for surely My hand is not too short to save.

Why Black Yisrael? Because this is the only group that still acknowledges Me as the Creator and Elohim. Generation after generation of Black Yisraelites passed this knowledge to their children’s children and though they are rebellious and disobedient, they know the Truth and they cannot run from this Truth. It is there inside of them: the impartation that they all received as their mothers and grandmothers took them to the churches. I went to each one of them by the power of My Spirit and touched them with My touch. They are Mine. Those leaders that they chose from among themselves are not My leaders. Their kings are not My kings. Their Pastors are not My Shepherds, for not even one of them allowed Me to work out My perfect plan through them. So they all started very humble, seeking and crying out to Me, but as fame and recognition came they couldn’t stand and fell because they never allowed Me to finish the work that I started in them. So I had to let them have their own way and they did.

I will continue to speak to My people and to reveal to them My purposes and My will. Continue to pray in tongues and I will do miracles. Pray that the rest of Messianic Temple Beth El be filled with the gift of tongues. Hasatan (enemy) and his shadim (demons) fight My warriors in Messianic Temple Beth El tooth and nail, for they understand that if more of My people are added to these warriors, their demonic assignments will become very, very difficult. 

My Black Yisrael was mocked, ridiculed, persecuted, killed, and murdered because of their faith in Me, and not because of their skin color. This is what they were told: “You are hated because you are Black or Negro as they were labeled. But this is not the reason. BLACK YISRAEL HAS BEEN PERSECUTED FOR CENTURIES BECAUSE THEY WERE BLACK JEWS and many of them are LEVITES and the history of their survival is THE HISTORY OF THEIR FAITH.

It was their faith in Me that helped them to survive the slavery of white men, their taskmasters. Many of them wished that they would not have this “black skin”. As the Yehudim (Jews) changed their names by intermingling with the Gentiles by marriage to hide their Jewishness, many of the Black Yisraelites intermarry with other groups as well in order “not to be Black.” Only I can determine the DNA of every individual and trace them back even to Noach.

So pray and fast, My daughter, for My Black Yisrael. Further instructions will be given to you later. Weep for them, Hadassah, and love them with My Ahava (Love) and then see what I will do through your intercession and ministry. I am Yahweh.  

the winds of change are blowing upon america

Prophecy by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin at Messianic Temple Beth El

on 7 Cheshvan, 5769 - November 5, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama won the presidential election by promising change. As I was praying and seeking the face of Elohim of Yisrael, as well as meditating on Kitvei HaKadosh (Holy Scriptures), I asked Ruach Elohim many questions. 

What kind of change will it bring to America? America is in absolute chaos, confusion, bankruptcy, rebellion, disobedience, pride and arrogance, drugs, prostitution, sex porn, human trafficking, homosexuality, abortion, worshipping idols before Elohim of Yisrael. What kind of change will Barack Obama bring? Will it be a change for the best or a change for the worse?

The wind of the Spirit has blown on America with the deceptive tactics of the enemy promising “Change” in the economy, to end the war, higher employment, secure retirement, better education and affordable medical insurance, etc. The leader of any country (especially of the USA) must submit to Elohim and lead his country back to Biblical Jewish Roots. 

This is possible only through the Revival of Repentance – by bringing back the twelve tribes of Yisrael as well as the remnant from other countries to Yahweh Elohim of Yisrael, the Creator of the heavens and earth.

Those who voted for Obama were waiting for him to become a Messiah – a Deliverer to deliver them from the horrible economic situation.

Mishle/Proverbs 14:34a

Righteousness exalts a nation

Mishle/Proverbs 16:12c

For a throne is established by righteousness

Mishle/Proverbs 16:33

The lot is cast into the lap (vote for Obama)

But every decision by it is from Yahweh

Mishle/Proverbs 21:30

There is no wisdom or understanding or counsel against Yahweh

I Kepha/Peter 4:17

Because it is time for judgment to begin from the House of Elohim. And if firstly from us, what is the end of those who do not obey the Good News of Elohim?

Mishle/Proverbs 4:7

The beginning of wisdom is: Get wisdom!

And with all your getting, get understanding 

Ruach Elohim through Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin:

The wind of change is blowing upon America. The wind of change for the worse: from no more prayer in public schools, high school and college graduations, to gay curriculums in your elementary schools, celebrating Halloween as a National Holiday, starting false revivals and calling them “Revivals of the Holy Spirit”, blaspheming My Spirit and totally ignoring My Word. This change for the worse will eventually bring the persecution of My children here in this “country of freedom”, America. Even now the churches are burnt down, Pastors leave their parishioners, people are led astray, but this is just the beginning of Yaacov’ s troubles.

My judgment will fall at the same time as My Ruach falls. The economy will go down as “the almighty American dollar” will completely devaluate. America as a super power, “unsinkable Titanic” will go down and sink.

But at the same time My Revival of Repentance will go forth from My Messianic Temple Beth El in Brooklyn. My children who are hungry and thirsty for My righteousness will run to My Temple to be in My presence and to learn My Word.

    So rejoice, My daughter of Tziyon, for Your Beloved is coming to you. (Shir HaShirim 2:8). For there is another Wind that blows from the Holy One of Yisrael, the Wind of Revival and Renewal. Yes, this Wind will be My change as I breathe on My people the fire of My Ahava (Love) – the Fire of My Revival.

Haggai 2:11-14 About America. Everything that the priests (religious leaders) bring before Yahweh is defiled.

11. "Thus said Yahweh Tzevaot (of hosts), 'Now, ask the priests (cohanim) concerning the Torah, saying,

12. "If one bears set-apart meat in the fold of his garment, and with the edge he touches bread or stew, or wine or oil, or any food, is it set-apart?”'" And the priests (cohanim) answered and said, “No.”

13. And Haggai said, “If someone defiled by a dead body touches any of these, is it defiled?” And the priests (cohanim) answered and said, “It is defiled.”

14. And Haggai answered and said, “'So is this people, and so is this nation before Me,' declares Yahweh, 'and so is every work of their hands. And whatever they bring near is defiled.'"    

Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) gave me these Scriptures for America. As the religious leaders are defiled before Elohim of Yisrael with their corrupted offerings, so this nation, the United States of America, is defiled by its political leaders, who bring abominations before the Throne of Elohim. There is only one way out of this disastrous situation - Revival of Repentance, a Revival of Biblical proportions that will bring America to her knees before Elohim of Yisrael. This Revival will be a Revival of His Word and His Spirit. Even now as I write these words, Ruach Elohim is preparing His people to receive His teachings through His anointed teachers. There are His talmidim (disciples) globally who are eager to learn the Truth of His Word as revealed by His Ruach (Spirit).

The world awaits a move of God that truly brings together the strong, piercing preaching of the word along with miracles and healings. For too long these have been separated into rival camps.

Smith Wigglesworth prophesied about a last great Revival -

"There will be evidence in the churches of something that has not been seen before: a coming together of those with an emphasis on the Word and those with an emphasis on the Spirit.When the Word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest move of the Holy Spirit that the nation, and indeed, the world has ever seen. It will mark the beginning of a revival that will eclipse anything that has been witnessed within these shores, even the Wesleyan and Welsh revivals of former years..."