Prophetic word given through Sheila Murrell,

a spiritual song sung by Esther Doronina in tongues,

and the interpretation of these tongues by Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin

on 15 Shevat 5767 - February 3, 2007 after Praise and Worship

with the CD “Holy Fire” by Paul Wilbur

Through Sheila Murrell:

Thus said Yahweh Elohim of Yisrael,

You are in the fire of My tough love. You say, “Burn in me, burn in me, let the fire of the Holy One burn in me,” so that you will come forth as pure gold as a vessel ready for the Master’s use. For this is how the Master Yahweh creates a renewed spirit and a contrite heart in us. (Rabbi’s note: by allowing His Holy fire of love to burn all the dross in all of us individually). You must not complain or murmur, rebel nor give up, but praise your Elohim while you are in the fiery furnace of Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit). And I say all this to you, Messianic Temple Beth El, but you still refuse to allow Me to burn in you.

Rabbi’s note: Then Rabbi asked Ruach Elohim to sing a song to us. And Ruach Elohim started singing through Esther Doronina a song in tongues.

As Ruach HaKodesh cried over us in tongues through Esther Doronina, Rabbi asked if anyone had an interpretation of tongues. She first asked Esther Doronina and she said, “Ruach Elohim was crying for Messianic Temple Beth El.” Then Rabbi Hadassah gave the interpretation that she received. 

“Listen to what Ruach Elohim is saying to us today!”

“I gave My life for you. Day and night I stretched out My arms to you for I shed My blood for you. But you still rebel against Me and you still resist My Spirit Who desires to do the work in you.” Then Ruach Elohim (Spirit of Elohim) was crying specifically over certain individuals. 

You still live the way you want to live and you cry out to Me, saying, “Abba, why don’t You deliver and heal me?” And I answer you, “You hear the Word, but you are not the doer of the Word. You hurt Yeshua. You say you are a believer, but everybody sees who you are: poor, naked and sick. It is impossible to please Elohim without emunah (faith). You lost your faith. Your family is doomed to destruction for you are the only one in your family who is born from above and who is supposed to stand in the gap for others."

"You are in total denial of the truth; you deny the problems that you have. You have to come to your senses as the prodigal son did.”  

Rabbi is praying for the people so that they will come to their senses. Then Rabbi prayed:

“Abba, help me to love the unlovable. Help me to love those who are very hard to love. Change them from being hypocritical and complete fakes. Set them on fire for You so that they will bring esteem to Your Holy Name.” 

prophetic dream: the unsupervised boy and the coming calamity in nyc

Prophetic dream given to Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin

on 1 Tevet 5768 - December 10, 2007

     I had a dream. I was shown in the spirit that on a particular highway there would be a huge accident and many people would die. It would be a calamity that is coming very, very soon. I was warning people for a long time, but they did not believe me. Then I saw a boy, maybe 8 or 9 years old, playing with the wires of different electric poles along the highway. I talked to him and told him that it is very dangerous to play with these poles and wires. He looked at me as if he wanted to believe me, but at the same time he didn’t. There was no supervision over him: no adults, parents, older sisters or brothers. He was there by himself, totally clueless concerning the danger he was in. Then I asked him who was in charge. He said, “The city fathers.” I perceived in the spirit that they were those who called themselves “the gatekeepers of New York.” These were Pastors who put themselves in this position, but not Elohim.

     I called to tell them about the coming disaster and caught them sitting in their big limousine. There were several of them in there. I looked at them and saw that they were all obese: they were so fat that this fat was oozing through the doors of the car. Instead of discussing the pressing needs of the city and the people they were responsible for, each one of them was talking on his cell phone about personal business, ignoring the others. Each one was doing whatever he wanted.

     I stopped their car and told them, “I am Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin from Messianic Temple Beth El in Brooklyn. I have to warn you about the coming disaster in NYC so that you warn your people.” They paid absolutely no attention to me, totally disregarding me. They laughed and mocked me. “What disaster?” they said to me, “Don’t you know that the day is clear, and there isn’t even one cloud in the sky. There is no traffic at all!" (Because the disaster I was shown was a multiple car accident). One in particular totally ignored me and despite all that I tried to tell him, he continued to talk on his cell. I yelled at him, “Put the phone down now!” He did it to his own amazement just to see who this woman was who commanded him to do it. Then I said to them, “At least tell your wives and your children about it!” Then I paused and looking very intensely at them, added, “And your lovers as well.”

     After that I left because I knew it was absolutely useless to appeal to them. So I went to the boy who was left unsupervised and asked him, “Where are your parents?” “In court”, he replied, “They are fighting to get a divorce” he added. I instructed him to go home and not to play with the wires hanging from the electric poles. I also warned him about the coming disaster. He listened to me, trying to figure out if I was for real, and I saw on his face that he was trying to decide if he should listen to me or not. But because the boy was so rebellious, playing outside without any supervision, he did not believe me. He also did not realize the danger and the consequences of playing with the electric wires. 

     Then finally, as I predicted, the disaster hit New York City and I saw and heard many people dying. Then the dream ended and I prayed for the interpretation.

The interpretation of the dream giving to me by Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit)

Disaster: The calamity that is coming to NYC.

Men in the car: Are the Pastors who are fat because they rob the sheep. They are hirelings. They call themselves “the gatekeepers of NYC", but they do not care for the sheep, but only for themselves. They live in sin, having lovers on the side.

The young boy: Is the body of Messiah, who never grew up spiritually because their shepherds never fed them. So they stopped growing because their spiritual fathers and mothers were fighting with each other. The boy is very rebellious because the Body of Messiah is very rebellious, disobedient, immature and inexperienced. They are playing with deadly things. The child was left totally unattended to do whatever he wanted to do. This is where the Body of Messiah is: no accountability whatsoever. "I am gonna do what I want to do!"

“My people have perished because of the lack of knowledge.” Hoshea 4:6. The calamity is coming to NYC as Yahweh had revealed to me, but nobody listened. But I did what Elohim wanted me to do. And He said to me, “Do not pray against the calamity. It has to come. It is My will.”  

Amos 3:6, 7

If a shofar is blown in a city, do the people not tremble? If there is calamity in a city, shall not Yahweh have done it? For the Master Yahweh does no matter unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. 

Mishle/Proverbs 29:18a

Where there is no vision, the people are let loose (perish). 

Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 12:10, 11 

Many shepherds have destroyed My vineyard, they have trodden My portion under foot, they have made My pleasant portion become a deserted wilderness. They have laid it waste – a waste, it mourns to Me. All the land is laid waste, because no one takes it to heart.” 

harvest time for the jewish people has come

Prophetic word given through Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin

on 22 Cheshvan, 5768 - November 3, 2007 during Shabbat Service.

At the end of the Shabbat Service Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin gave an altar call “Are you a worker in the harvest?”


    Thus said Yahweh Elohim of Yisrael, “As long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest…” according to Bereshit/Genesis 8:22a. “Harvest! Harvest! Harvest! It is the time for the harvest!”  For it is written in Kohelet/Ecclesiastes 3:1, "For every matter there is an appointed time, even a time for every pursuit under the heavens.” A time for the harvest has come. My appointed time for My harvest has come. It is also written in Revelation 14:15, “And another malach (messenger) came out of the Dwelling Place, crying with a loud voice to the One sitting on the cloud, “Send Your sickle and reap, because the hour has come for You to reap, because the harvest of the earth is ripe.” 


But My children are not crying out for the harvest. My children are not crying out for My harvest to come. For it is written in Mattithyahu/Matthew 9:37, 38, “The harvest truly is great, but the workers are few. Pray then that the Master of the harvest would send out workers to His harvest.” 

My malachim (angels) are working day and night to prepare for My harvest. My children, make yourself available to Me: your body, your family, your finances and everything that you have should be completely released to Me. My harvest is surely coming, for My Revival of Repentance has already started. Pray for My Revival of Repentance to go to the four corners of the earth to bring the harvest in.

 Be merciful to those who are coming. As you show mercy to them, I will show mercy to you. For surely, Messianic Temple Beth El, I have been very merciful with you. For it is written in Tehillim/Psalm 18:25, 26, “With the kind You show Yourself kind; with the perfect one You show Yourself perfect, with the clean You show Yourself clean; and with the crooked You show Yourself twisted.” Those who are coming will come wounded. They will be coming with spiritual crutches and bandages, but they are coming… Show them My love, My rachamim (compassion), My hesed (mercy), My patience and My ahava (love).

I am about to bring the youth in. I want you to pray for My youth: for the children, preteens, teens and young adults. The enemy has contaminated and polluted their minds, but I am about to reverse it. 

I want you to pray more for Judah (Yehudim-Jewish people). I want you to pray more for the Orthodox Jews. I want you to pray for the Rabbis. I want you to pray more for the Orthodox Jews, but especially for the Orthodox Jewish women and children who are crying out to Me because of the abuse. I want you to pray for the Russian Jews, Israelis, Black Jews, Spanish Jews, Italian Jews and Oriental Jews.


I want you to pray more for Ephraim (born from above Christians) who “refuses to repent” according Hoshea/Hosea 11:5b. I want you to pray for the rebellious and arrogant Pastors. Pray that they will acknowledge their crookedness before Me or they will be destroyed like the rest. For it is written in Hoshea/Hosea 4:9, 10, “And it shall be like people, like priest. And I shall punish them for their ways, and reward them for their deeds. And they shall eat but not be satisfied; they shall whore but not increase, for they have stopped obeying Yahweh.” And also in Hoshea/Hosea 8:11, 12, “Since Ephraim has made many altars for sin, they have been altars for sinning to him. I have written for him numerous matters of My Torah – they were regarded as strange.” 

I have chosen this place, Messianic Temple Beth El, to be My Command Center. I am the El of Beth El. The calamity is coming! It is coming! It is coming! It is coming! It will come at My appointed time. You are in the Ark of My protection and provision. Stay there until I open the door. Let the calamity pass by.  Pray according to Tehillim/Psalm 57:1, “Show me favour, O Elohim, show me favour! For in You my being is taking refuge; And in the shadow of Your wings I take refuge, until destruction passes by.” Pray one for another for it is written in Yaacov/James 5:16b, “Pray for one another, so that you are healed.” Love one another as I have loved you for it is written in Yohanan/John 13:34, 35.  “A renewed command I give to you that you love one another, as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this shall all know that you are My taught ones, if you have love for one another.” Care one for another and be gentle for it is written in I Corinthians 12:25b, “…but that the members should have the same concern one for another.” 

Do not be false. I have so many false followers. I need genuine followers. Do not worry about anything, as you continue to seek My face and My kingdom: all the rest will be added unto you for it is written in Mattithyahu/Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the reign of Elohim, and His righteousness and all these matters shall be added to you.” 

I love you My children. I love you all as it is written in Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 31:3, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I shall draw you with kindness.” Stay together and to do not break the ranks. You do not know what is coming tomorrow. You do not know what is about to happen. Come and worship Me. Come and commune with Me for it is written in Shemot/Exodus 25:22, “I shall meet/commune with you there…between the two kerubim.” I will guide and instruct you according to Tehillim/Psalm 32:8, 9, “Let Me instruct you and teach you in the way you should go: Let me counsel, My eye be on you. Do not be like the horse, like the mule, with no understanding, with bit and bridle; else they do not come near you.” 

Come to Me and I will open up your understanding for it is written in Mishle/Proverb 2:3-6, “For if you cry for discernment, lift up your voice for understanding. If you seek her as silver, and search for her as hidden treasures, then you would understand the fear of Yahweh, and find the knowledge of Elohim. For Yahweh gives wisdom; out of His mouth come knowledge and understanding.”Surely the harvest is ripe, but the workers are few.

“For I am a lion to Ephraim, and like a young lion to the house of Yehudah. I Myself tear them and go, I take them away, and there is no one to deliver. I shall go, and I shall return to My place, until they confess their guilt and seek My face, in their distress diligently search for Me and say, "Come, and let us turn back to Yahweh. For He has torn but He does heal us, He has stricken but He binds us up. After two days He shall revive us, on the third day He shall raise us up, so that we live before Him. So let us know, let us pursue to know Yahweh. His going forth is as certain as the morning. And He comes to us like the rain, like the latter rain watering the earth.” as it is written in Hoshea/Hosea 5:14-15; 6:1-3. 

And according to Hoshea 6:11, “Also, a harvest is appointed for you, O Yehudah (Jewish people), when I turn back the captivity of My people.”

Harvest time is coming for the Jewish people in Brooklyn, New York!

Are you a worker in My harvest?